News Team


Jake Marsden:

Category – Stocks News:

Jake Marsden is a senior editor for over 05- years. Academic teacher in Behavioral Finance and Experimental Economics and humanities at Oxford University. He has also taught at Harvard University as an Author of scientific articles on cognitive processing of information and Active Stocks.

He has been serving in a journalism field. He looked at the articles finally before publishing at platforms. This makes his work more distinguished from others. He does his job out of the box so nobody can match him.

Expertise in both fields makes him more capable of doing rational analysis over the topics of financial and trending news.  He has been working for over 18 years in different sectors.


Andrew Reid:

Category – Energy:

Andrew Reid is a Senior News Writer for News Leading Team. He covers the Energy sector and writes about hot Energy companies from an exclusive and “out of the box” perspective. He reported in a way that the reader gets analysis and analytical approach. His most recent work incorporates a promoting article on the portable site plan that objectives organizations are hoping to make their sites amicable to versatile clients.

He works on a full-time basis for News leading specializing in quicker moving active shares with a short-term view on investment opportunities and trends. He generally performs his duty to explain the contracts and treated about energy utilization. He described the versatility of programmers of energy, so, the reader can get information over the issues. He has been active in the markets for several years, and he mainly focused on long/short equities.


Callum Lyon:

Category – Business:

Callum Lyon is a share market expert, being personally invested for over 6 years. He believes the most valuable nugget of wisdom for new investors is a quote from Phillip Fisher. He has been writing his entire life, and while he has made a career of business and finance reporting, he still enjoys writing short stories and poetry. The stock market is filled with individuals who know the price of everything, but the value of nothing.’

Callum is a well-known research director and portfolio manager for more than 05-years. After many years in the market, he dedicated all his time to write articles highlighting different financial problems.


Douglas J. Dock:

Category – Utilities:

Douglas J. Dock writes about Utilities sector companies that traded in the US Market. Before pursuing a financial and journalism career, He graduated from the Australian Catholic University with a degree in Economics and Mathematics.

He analyzes trading strategy, individual stocks, asset classes, market sectors, and risk to reward parameters in order to provide valuable insight to the community. He has over 13-years experience writing financial and business news. Over the years he has built a network of resources within the services sector he writes about.

His most recent work incorporates a promoting article on the portable site plan that objectives organizations hoping to make their sites amicable to versatile clients.