Local Owner of a Tesla Electric Car Finds it Intriguing in Saskatchewan

Although many of their owners have concerns about the unavailability of charging stations, electric vehicles are becoming increasingly popular in Saskatchewan.

In the past few months, Moose Jaw has installed several Tesla charge stations on Civic Center Plaza, something that local electric vehicle owners love.

Local citizen Jim Tenford purchased an electric vehicle last year and mentioned that he feels his purpose for buying an electric car is justifiable, even though it is weaker during the winter due to the cold weather.

“We’re not trying to help stop climate change; I decided, therefore, that we had to buy an electric car, and we would like to make a compromise. The purpose of this compromise is to try and lower my impact and feeling of hypocrisy. We afterward went on a meet for an electric car, and we had an opportunity to drive one of the cars. We realized there wasn’t a compromise whatsoever.”

Tenford claims the charging stations in the center of Civic Plaza are doing an excellent job of charging his car quickly.

“One who stops up at the Civic Center Plaza charges up to 1500 km an hour. Probably in 20 minutes, you can get from a zero-battery power to an 80% charge. My car is 500 km in range, but in a real sense, I have approximately a 300 km range only. Therefore, it will no longer take us more time to go anywhere since I’m just going to stop for 20 minutes concerning my health.”

Critics of electric cars in line with cold climate, argue that the problem is only an issue of science; batteries work between 15 and 26 degrees Celsius at optimum efficiency. Anything under zero can significantly limit the power quantity it can provide. If you add the electric heater draw power to heat the interior because heated air from a working engine is not an issue in electric vehicles, the range of effectiveness of a typical electric vehicle could fall to 40% or even 50%.

However, since an electric vehicle’s internal heater does not depend on an internal combustion motor’s excess heat, electric heaters take effect immediately, which for some, is a huge plus.

Tenford states that there are still additional positive than negative ones amid that.

“It is an all-wheel-drive and has a big power grip. I have on a couple of times when driving on ice and snow tried to over-steer only to see if I’m going to get it to fly off, but it hasn’t. I’ll do more to try this.